Welcome! I am excited that you are interested in learning more about Smart Start Preschool!

My name is Natalie Clayton. I have recently taken on this small, but spectacular private preschool. My family has chosen LaGrange as our permanent home because we are in love with the community. I am dedicated to LaGrange, the community, it’s children and lifelong learning. My degree is in education, but I have a range of experiences such as law enforcement and management along with education for adults and children. I have even homeschooled my own children and owned a home daycare.  My goal is prepare students for future educational endeavors whether it be private or public.  

My learning philosophy for Smart Start Preschool revolves around play and learn with some traditional classroom techniques such as singing, reciting, repetition, circle time activities, hands on projects, workbooks and lots and lots of reading. Books are a very important part of preschool!

Speaking of books, an exciting component of our school is our local library who sponsors us. We have weekly library visits and encourage families to participate in reading and visiting the library together. Our school wants to help families thrive in their homes and communities. I may be able to help you find resources you need to improve your relationships, or just meet basic needs. Smart Start Preschool receives a grant that can sponsor your child’s tuition if you qualify. Do not let a financial burden get in the way of starting your child early for educational needs. Speak with me, I am eager to help.

In our class, the Pledge of Allegiance is learned and recited daily, prayer and Christian values are allowed and encouraged, we respect the law and our government, we learn why rules are important, we respect each other, we learn about manners and why they are important, and we discuss emotions and reactions to our feelings. Preschool age children are learning to control their emotions along with being introduced to many learning opportunities. Remember that they are processing a lot and need guidance and good examples. Let’s work together to make these children respectable members of our community!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our school. Feel free to contact me for more information, questions or enrollment.

Mrs. Natalie Clayton

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(307) 949-0708